Tell stories that drive positive action

What role do stories play in the decisions we make? How do human beings connect with each other? What drives us to take action?





The workshop

We will explore how to deliver pitches that truly resonate - using the art of storytelling.

In this highly interactive workshop, we will move beyond the dull mode of PowerPoint presentation and learn fascinating ways to drive people to action.

We will learn a selection of storytelling tools, from Pixar techniques to Joseph Campbell’s hero journey, to unlock our unique storytelling talents. We will then integrate it with the components of a great pitch as well as create our own Storypitches. Finally, we will practice your standing-ovation-worthy presentation.



What you will learn

  • The power of storytelling and the neuroscience behind it
  • The ingredients that make both a great story and a great pitch
  • Your unique storytelling talents
  • New presentation tools that will get you to your target
  • Creating a compelling, actionable pitch
  • Practicing your presentation skills



Who is it for?

Anyone within the organization that needs to get buy-in for new ideas and projects, whether they be external or internal. This is ideal for c-suite level, sales teams and leaders from all departments.

"The workshop delivered by Of Course gave my students some wonderful new tools for how to get buy-in on any idea in a very fun and impactful way"

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