Designing Your Purpose


Working everyday from your sense of purpose

What is the reason a business exists? What is our personal purpose? Why do businesses that operate from a sense of purpose have motivated employees and loyal customers?





The workshop

In this fun and immersive workshop, we will go on a journey of uncovering our purpose and mapping out ways to integrate it into your everyday work.

We’ll then zoom out to the business level, exploring successful stories of businesses that work towards meaningful change and deconstructing how they do it. Finally, we’ll tie it back to your organization and its mission, creating a strong personal purpose statement.

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What you will learn

  • Stepping into your power by connecting to your unique skills
  • Bringing meaning into your everyday work
  • Mapping your personal purpose and aligning  with the business
  • New problem solving tools based on your passions and strength
  • Building strong collaborative bonds in teams.


Who is it for?

Anyone within the organization who wants to work and lead through purpose. 

"We invited Of Course to give the Design Your Purpose workshop for Lateral’s 10th year anniversary event and it was absolutely incredible. It opened our eyes to so many new opportunities and connected us to a more meaningful work!"

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