Innovation Tours


Get out there and get inspired

What are people growing on NYC rooftops? What types of startups come out of a ‘slow incubator’? How can surplus bread turn into amazing beer?

And most importantly, how can all of that make your business more innovative?



The experience

NYC is the biggest playground in the world for almost anything. Whether it’s food, theater, music, fashion and yes, Purpose Driven Innovation as well.

In different pockets of the city - old lofts, community gardens and even backyards - some of the most inspiring leaders are shaping our future to be conscious and regenerative.

In this fun and immersive tour, we will get a sneak peek behind the scenes of NYC’s most cutting-edge and transformative initiatives, so you can bring purpose to the forefront of your actions.

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What you will learn

  • Get inspired by the wild things happening in NYC
  • Draw upon ideas and approaches that can be taken back into your company
  • Map how to incorporate those experiences into the company’s culture
  • Get away from the office and the computer screen and think with your feet


Who is it for?

Anyone within the organization with a desire to learn about the latest work at the intersection of design, innovation, and purpose.

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