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NYC is the biggest playground in the world for almost anything. Whether it’s food, theater, music, fashion and yes, also Social Innovation.

In different pockets of the city such as, old lofts, community gardens and even home kitchens, some of the most inspiring leaders are shaping our future into a conscious and regenerative one. 

In this fun and immersive tour we will get a sneak peek into the behind the scenes of NYC’s most cutting-edge and transformative initiatives in the world of Social Impact and Sustainability.

Each tour is unique and crafted around a different neighborhood of NYC. Examples of projects we will interact with can be: making a natural face mask out of ingredients you have in your kitchen together with an amazing artisan with glowing skin, Talking to a guy that founded a ‘Slow Incubator’ and joining a tea party that allows us to experience empathy in a very uncommon way.

This tour is designed to open our eyes to the little things we can each do that create a huge positive impact. You’ll leave inspired to take action in your own life and work that benefit yourself and society.

Come see NYC in a whole new way and join us in creating a happy future.