Passion for purpose

We are an interdisciplinary group of business strategists, experience designers, scientists, design thinking facilitators and product designers , with one common goal; to creatively build a purposeful future for individuals, businesses and the world.

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Rinat Sherzer



Rinat Sherzer is an interdisciplinary Social Entrepreneur, Biotech Engineer & Experience Designer. Working at the intersection of tech, design & social good. She has over 12 years of product design and entrepreneurial experience.
Rinat lectures on Social Innovation and Human-Centered Design in various universities, among them: Parsons, Cornell, Columbia University and CCS.
Rinat’s biggest passion is working towards a society with equal rights for all human. She believes the path to equality lies in collaboration. She recently gave a TEDx Talk that demonstrates a radical framework to achieve that while de-shaming the female period. Rinat mentors women from all over the world, helping them reclaim their power.

Justin Gupta



Justin's passion is guiding the growth of mission-driven companies.  He has helped a broad range of organizations, from multinationals to nonprofits to social enterprises, to think differently about their product, market, and impact on the world.



Talia Souki


Talia is a communication designer and social entrepreneur. She has over 10 years of experience collaborating with top luxury brands, public figures and social innovation start-ups. She’s also the co-founder of Tomorrows with Heart, a socially conscious homeware brand based in Paris.


Eda Tankal



Eda is a multidisciplinary storyteller and an entrepreneur who is passionate about  human-environment relationship.  With a background in communication design and  social innovation,  she is trained to be a systems thinker and a problem solver, with a focus on powerful and actionable communication.

Thomas Wendt



Thomas is a design researcher and facilitator with a special love for sustainable innovation. Qualitative research, participatory design, and team facilitation are all in his wheelhouse. He has written two books on design and prefers to spend his time in the forest.

Maia Kaufman



Maia is an interdisciplinary facilitator, researcher, and workshop designer. She brings her love of problem solving and systems thinking to every job she does, and believes there's always a way to make everyone happy.

Guest Talents

Our network of incredible talents from around the globe join us to bring unique projects to life.

Manolo Ampuida



Manolo Ampudia is a multidisciplinary designer from Mexico City. He believes that design is a very powerful tool for change and uses strategic design and systems thinking to create long-term and win-win-win solutions.

Nazli Cangonul



Nazli Cangonul is a multidisciplinary designer with practical experience in bringing human-centered design to tackle social challenges. She brings her skills in research, analysis and communication design to create with not for, the communities she serves.

David Rojas



David Rojas is a product of Colombia living in NYC. Graphic Designer by training, social designer by choice, working on health, peace, and education. He believes that in an uncertain world, design is a synonym of hope.

Amer Jandali



Amer Jandali is a futurist and environmentalist on a mission to prevent plastic bags from polluting the environment. A natural charismatic peoples person leading change through enthusiasm and authenticity.

Alyssa Kropp



Alyssa is a service designer, researcher, and strategist working to ensure community focused projects and designs. She's extremely passionate about DJing, laying in grassy fields, and reading on the subway.

Eeshta Malhotra


Eeshta is a design thinking facilitator, workshop creator and serial volunteer. With the goal of creating a better world, Eeshta is passionate about engaging with other humans to solve problems of tomorrow, using tools of theatre and design thinking.

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Our Partners

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has".

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