A collection of our favorite books for you to enjoy.

Good Is the New Cool

If you're interested in what we do and want to make social good and sustainability an integral part of your business, we recommend reading Good Is the New Cool. With the conventional ways of advertising and marketing taking a turn for the uncool, this book gives new perspectives on building a new marketing model for a new generation of socially and environmentally conscious consumers.

Change by Design

Design thinking: the collaborative process by which the designer's sensibilities and methods are employed to match people's needs with what is technically feasible and a viable business strategy. In short, it converts need into demand. Here at Of Course, we implement that conversion and encourage other businesses to engage in design thinking too.

Green Giants

Green Giants shares the stories of big businesses, such as Tesla and Chipotle, who have turned being sustainable into billion dollar businesses. Showing that doing good can help a business's bottom line is exactly what we believe in.

This Changes Everything

A book that exposes the intricacies of capitalism, a structure so perfectly designed not to cooperate with sustainability, while braiding together the science, psychology, geopolitics, economics, ethics and activism that shape the climate question.

Seven Brief Lessons in Physics

"Question everything" and "appreciate the wonders of the universe" are our takeaways from Rovelli's book. Perfect for "those who know little or nothing about modern science" by appealing to our aesthetic sensibilities, this book reminds each and every one of us to see the big picture of things at different perspectives. We suppose that's why there are so many branches of physics.

Systems Thinking for Social Change

The framework of systems thinking, which is "the ability to understand interconnections in such a way to achieve a desired purpose," was first devised as a way to address problems stemming from social rather than physical systems in corporate management.

Trust the Process

Trust the Process, with its joy and and celebration of the universal creative process as it flows through you and us, offers a direct encouragement that so perfectly complements efforts to pick up those brushes and pens.

Modern Romance

Even if you’re not on the current dating scene, Aziz Ansari’s book is a revelation and a rarity among comedians. Instead of writing an autobiography, Ansari wrote the gospel for today’s single youth to give interesting perspectives on society and to remind us that we have adapted to our technology as much as our technology has adapted to us.

"The more you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go."