A collection of our favorite podcasts for you to enjoy

How I Built This

Before they were our CEOs, they were young men and women in college or stuck in menial jobs, unsatisfied with their lives. Now they are the leaders of our industry, providing jobs, goods, and services to us every day. But to understand how they got there, we listened to this podcast to educate ourselves in the patterns and irregularities of success and the pitfalls to avoid.


All taken from the perspective of Misha Euceph, a Pakistani-American immigrant, this podcast took us on the journey of a young woman’s self-discovery in confronting all of the integral parts of an American childhood she never got to do. Whether it be riding a bike or learning how to swim, Misha reminds us that it is never too late to learn how to do anything and that in order to be socially responsible, you must be responsible of your truth.

Ear Hustle

For those of you who haven’t been incarcerated, “ear hustling” is prison slang for “eavesdropping,” which is a perfect title when you consider that this podcast is recorded and edited in prison by the prisoners themselves. Drawn by new and honest perspectives, we thought that this up and coming podcast provides unseen insights into true prison life, a life that surprisingly can be just as quaint and uneventful as civilian life.


Invisibilia is about the invisible forces that control human behavior - ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. Unveiling the many phenomena that go unnoticed in our lives, Invisibilia has changed our perspectives completely by noticing the patterns and irregularities of human behavior.  

The mindbodygreen Podcast

As stated in its name, the mindbodygreen podcast focuses on just that: the mind, the body, and what’s green. Interested in all three topics, we looked to this podcast as a source of inspiration. The podcast, unlike most interview podcasts, delves deep into the personal internal challenges of well-known company founders, reminding us all that nothing comes easily or proves impossible to anyone.

99% Invisible

Design thinking being one of the integral pillars to our methods, this podcast proved to be the perfect resource for examples of patterns and phenomenons in the greatly overlooked field of design. Presented by the illustrious Roman Mars, we at Of Course seriously recommend listening this podcast if you desire to grasp a better understanding of our process of thinking.

Sustainability Defined

Sustainability is a broad term and often overwhelms us with its magnitude. Scott & Jay do an amazing job simplifying what it means for different sectors and back it by stories from experts. We love their down to earth approach and their quirky humor.

The Moth

A personal favorite of ours, the Moth Radio is a medium for real stories told by real people. If the purpose of art is to give us perspective, then there is nothing more artistic than immersing yourself in the perspectives of people who have experienced the worst, the best, and the very weird. In order to do social good, we must think socially: to place ourselves in as many perspectives as possible in order to get the best solution for everyone.