A collection of inspiring experiences for you to enjoy

Package Free Shop

Accustomed to creating trash and having to empty it regularly, we lose perspective of its absurdity. Package Free Shop is not only a good destination to purchase environmentally sustainable essentials and toiletries but also the first step to a lifestyle of living waste-free.

Prime Produce

With a newly renovated multi-use space located in Hell’s Kitchen, Prime Produce is a small not-for-profit that crafts social innovation by cultivating habits of excellence and communizing office space, companionship, and broadband. Consider Prime Produce to innovate your platform through cooperative, creative, and ambitious involvement in the not-for-profit sector.

House of Genius

House of Genius brings together entrepreneurs and experts in their fields to help others solve the challenges within organizations. Accessible by invitation only with identities kept anonymous, presenters pitch their ideas and ask a panel for advice. Only after the event is finished (and the collective genius of the House released) are people allowed to reveal their background. The power of the collective minds is genius!

Centre for Social Innovation

Seeing that many organizations in the social mission sector were working in isolated and substandard facilities while spending a lot of money on administration, the Centre for Social Innovation was created to put a stop to all of it.  As a coworking space, community and launchpad for nonprofits, for-profits, entrepreneurs, artists, and activists alike, CSI enables its members to connect, learn, and spend their resources on achieving their mission.

The Alchemist's Kitchen

The Alchemist’s Kitchen is the ultimate plant remedy apothecary. They really get what it means to use all-natural ingredients, and are whole hearted supporters of conscious lifestyles. Their products are sourced from sustainable and ethically conscious vendors. Visit their store to support increasing global plant diversity, and honoring the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures.

Toast Ale

Who wants to drink some beer made from moldy bread? We do! Tristram Stuart, an entrepreneur from the UK, developed a distilling process that can turn old bread into a ale. In the search for ways to minimize our waste, this is one of the most ingenious solutions we’ve seen, and we can vouch that it’s one of the most delicious!

Plus Pool

A 9500 sq ft, plus-sign-shaped, water-filtering, floating pool on the river surrounding NYC. This installation will allow New Yorkers to swim in clean river water, something not possible since 1938. This project hopes to rekindle the public’s connection to the river and bring awareness to water quality issues. We can’t wait ‘til they open!

Sleep No More

Located in the McKittrick Hotel, Sleep No More is an award-winning immersive theatrical experience that tells Shakespeare’s Scottish tragedy through a film noir lens with different scenes in different hotel rooms. Its description alone should be enough to convince you to go see this rare masterpiece. Embodying experience, 3-D rather than 2-D. Active vs. Passive. Like Of Course, it’s very hard to understand until you experience it.