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Viral global movement


How might an international human rights organization drive its followers to act for unity on a global scale?

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The context

Global Citizen needed to catalyze engagement from its followers in anticipation of its 2017 annual festival. They sought a viral global movement that made people around the world take action on behalf of their mission in a meaningful, inclusive and compelling way. Specifically, they sought assistance in developing the campaign concept, campaign messaging, and engagement strategy.


The process


Of Course engaged in a series of ideation workshops with Global Citizen and two time Grammy Award nominee artist J.Views, whose work focused on movement and togetherness. Through iterations and brainstorming, we honed in on the concept of immigration and banned travel, sparked by the J.Views lyric “we moved like we were unafraid”. With this inspiration, we crafted a campaign called #wemove that asks followers to enter public spaces, film a video of them moving ‘like they were unafraid’, and share their video on social media. #WeMove is about creating a global movement committed to social change, standing together for freedom, for justice, for all!

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The transformation

Of Course and Global Citizen selected the best videos submitted and developed a final video that was seen by 1 million people at the annual festival. In total, nearly a thousand people from over 35 countries engaged in the campaign.

Beyond the campaign itself, at a difficult and troubling time,  this movement gave people an opportunity to show that they were not scared: of each other, to share their voices, or to take a stand.


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The video


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Media Coverage

"Of Course was the ideal partner, their process and methods helped me identify the core values that existed in the core of my mission on this project. They were then instrumental in distilling the message in a powerful and simple way"

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Our Work

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