Success Through Purpose

Aligning individual and organizational purpose as a key for success

The key to success is through having a clear sense of purpose as a guiding north star. Connecting to purpose creates passion and motivation which leads to fulfilling work and prosperous businesses. 

Through this fun and immersive workshop each participant will go through a journey of uncovering his or her unique skills and interests. Together we will understand how to express and leverage individual purpose within the organization to create a successful and meaningful company. This is an eye opening experience where participants will leave inspired and energized with a new sense of purpose in their lives and their work.

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Refresh on organizational purpose
Each business serves a human need but we often lose sight of that original intention. Through mapping and storytelling we shine a light back on why the business exists.

Your purpose
Bringing it back to the people in the room, we explore each individual’s unique purpose through various exercises.

During the final part of the workshop we will uncover how individuals can connect their purpose to their existing day to day work while fostering the business vision.


  • Participants will feel motivated and inspired

  • Teams will feel empowered by being connected to their work

  • New tools to spark business ideas based in passion


  • Length: 2 hours

  • Participants: Maximum 20 people

  • Materials needed: Projector, post-its, paper, markers