Innovation Tour 

Fueling our inspiration and purpose towards
business success through
immersion tours

Inspiration and purpose is the driving force of a successful businesses. This half day workshop provides you with the insight needed to bring creativity and meaning into your business. During this fun and immersive experience, learn about and get inspired by leaders creating change at the intersection of systems, business, social impact, and sustainability. It will open your eyes to the larger opportunities in creating a positive impact. In this experience, we’ll explore New York City through the people, companies, and places that are redefining how business operates, the impact it has and on who.

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You are here
We’ll start the session better understanding how each individual connects their purpose to their work and discuss the larger vision for the impact of the company.

Let’s explore
We will travel around the city to meet with people, businesses, and places who have found innovative ways to address systemic problems. They go beyond finding an answer to problem, but expand their view to address multiple stakeholders positively through their work.

Final insights
Coming back together, we will harvest insights into how to apply what the team heard and learned today into the business. 


  • Participants will be inspired and have elevated motivation.

  • The company will be enhanced with creativity

  • Many ideas of how to apply back to the workspace



  • Length: 4 hours

  • Participants: Maximum 20 people

  • Travel to each stop on the tour will be done by walking, public transport, or taxi